“Doğaçlafest II” – Impro Fest

Elisabetta Lanfredini, Istanbul 2013Uygur Vural, ITü-MIAM Studio, Istanbul 2014


In Istanbul spring started with his crazy whether, new air and many news for who loves arts.

From 23 to 25 of April  “Doğaçlafest II”, the Festival of improvised music of Istanbul,  will take place again and we will make the scene like DuoSubRosa on April 23th.  This is the second edition of this festival that will involve the best improvisers of Istanbul and international artists as well. All the concert will be at  Karakedi,  in the central district of Tunel.

Here is  an article that presents the event speaking also about  us.


The entrance is completely free, every evening the performance will start at 20. Check the program and see you there!

For information:


Fb event here.

Festival Programı/Festival Schedule

23 Nisan/April 23rd

1) Can Kazaz/Deniz Güngören/Can Dedeoğlu/Ahmet Kemal Kuyrukçu
2) Duo Sub Rosa (Elisabetta Lanfredini/Uygur Vural)
3) Şevket Akıncı/Jürg Solothurnmann/Beat Unternährer

24 Nisan/April 24th

1) Oliver Dover/Florent Merlet
2) Heterofonik Etüdleri (Nicolas Royer-Artuso and Friends)
3) Karşının Karşısındaki Sesler

25 Nisan/April 25th

1) José Blasco/Florent Merlet/Yannis Saxonis
2) Hoca Nasreddin 
3) Jürg Solothurnmann/Beat Unternährer/Uygur Vural/Korhan Argüden
4) Jam Session-Kapanış Partisi



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