A new performance for 2016

DuoSubRosa has played a Performance for Mirror Mirror Festival 2016 in Berlin.

“Calls and Shouts” is an improvised music performance inspired by traditional calls.  It moves from Elisabetta’s research about afro-american Hollers and Field-calls but it takes material and inspiration from all the voices of the people who calls each other and shout in the space: the Mediterranean street sellers, the mountains calls,  the muslim call for prayer… In Istanbul we have spent lot of time recordings street sellers voices and exploring their particular use of the voice and the relation with the space.

Despite their loud volume, calls and shouts seems to be something very intimate and nothing in their shape is random. We have let ourself be inspired by the voices of those people and their incredible techniques.

Some pics and “portraits” from the performance. (by Cristina Marx and Sofia Palma)


12931172_10154119674819201_2786428950152410391_n 12512778_10154119674804201_5519744125031686228_n 12924581_10154119674769201_4700253353745873950_n 12919903_10154119674764201_5660815550984661176_n 13002366_10153915274656609_7199744483315837389_o 12977040_10153915274216609_1303748894748835406_o

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