If before we were visiting regularly a certain variety of venues, now most of us are forced to deal with a few dozen square meters. What happened to the places we used to visit and that used to be part of our life, frames of our public and intimate living before the pandemics? With this project we silently trespassed into the ordinary time-space of a year ago, into those places of the old “normal”, so comfortable in their sometimes obsessive repetitiveness. We want to give voice to those places that have been suddenly abandoned, closed and left in a waiting condition, places that have ceased to have that certain role in our lives perhaps forever. We want to feel that frozen energy and live it through our art: the arrival of an unexpected guest, a ritual greeting, a bow of respect, the curiosity of a passing stranger, silent and almost invisible. The 360° virtual reality video technique allows the audience to be completely embedded with the performers in this grotesque situation. This is a 360° VR video project. We recommend watching it in highest quality and using headphone to have a complete experience. 


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