About Us

DuoSubRosa is a collaboration of two eclectic musicians/ artists, Elisabetta Lanfredini, vocalist, performer and researcher (Italy) and Uygur Vural, cellist, composer and performer (Turkey) born in the environment of experimental and improvised music of Istanbul in 2013 and now based in Berlin. The different backgrounds of the two musicians and they experiences in different artistic fields, like experimental theatre, literature, poetry and writing, folk traditional music and visual arts melted together in a very dynamic project.

The name SubRosa, that by the ancient Greeks and Romans meant secret and unsaid, reflects one of the most important feature of the duo as its inclination to create stories, subtexts and quotes between tradition and innovation in a sort of modern storytelling. Although based on improvised music the sound of the duo is shaped by the sensitivity for folk tunes and the penchant to the theatrical dimension. Since DSB has born, the two musicians have developed different projects also in collaboration with other artists and have performed in Turkey and Europe in many venues, clubs, theatres and festivals. Some of them are: Neighbours Festival (Bern, Switzerland), Babylon (Istanbul), Istanbul DoğaçlaFest I and II (Turkey), Teatro Valle (Roma, Italy), TPO-Teatro Polivalente Occupato (Bologna, Italy), Dunya and Gitar Cafè (Istanbul, Turkye), Konkret Gehört Abstract Festival (Hamburg, Germany), Miss Hecker (Berlin, Germany) and others.

DSB was very active on the Istanbul experimental music scene between 2013 and 2015 where had chance to collaborate with talent musicians like Korhan Erel, Sumru Ağıryürüyen, Sevket Akıncı, Islak Kopek, Serdar Ateşer, Saadet Türköz; they have played in Germany, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, and Switzerland with many musicians from all over the world like Mark Alban Lotz, Jurg Soloturnman, Beat Unternahrer, Emiliano Pintori, Josep Maria Balanyà, Tomomi Adachi, Matthias Müller, Michael Thieke, Mia Dyberg, Emilio Gordoa, Kriton b, Axel Dörner and many others.

In the last two years DSB worked on a project that deal with improvised music and theatre, creating a new sound of some unpublished voice recordings of the famous and internationally known turkish actor Tuncel Kurtiz.

Currently they are working on the realise of their first album recorded in a small church in the country side of Tuscany (central Italy); a deep exploration of echoes, reverbs and the natural acoustic sound of the two instruments melted together.

In Berlin they are working on their last performance inspired from the research of both the musicians about field calls and shouts, folk voices and calls of street sellers of the Mediterranean areas though a musical and anthropological approach.

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